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Tea Course has been providing consistent, reliable, continuing education since 2008 and the majority of our member students have been with us since inception as they recognize that learning is a lifelong pursuit and continuing education is imperative to tea business success.  The materials provided are not only fulfilling to those who enjoy tea but a means of support and assistance for tea business growth.


Tea Course is Produced and Sponsored by The Tea House Times, LLC with educational contributions and support of tea industry professionals, Tea Bureau and Tea Speakers Bureau members, and other experts within the tea industry. 

Tea Course is a members-only, educational and networking site for connecting tea businesses and consumers through tea.  The site will educate consumers and professionals on tea and traditions, tea business education and trends, and provide continuing education for years to come.  Networking is achieved through member forums and presentations.  

Why search through over 100 million websites to find what you need?  Tea Course evolved to allow easier and quicker access to quality information, networking opportunities, and educational materials for yourself, your employees, and your customers. Use our handouts to create an education center in your shop or for quick reference at your own tea related speaking engagement or presentation.

Tea Course can be beneficial to you personally or professionally.  Full Access Member Businesses may allow up to 3 employees to access the site for educational purposes. 

The Tea Course site offers very impressive applications empowering businesses and consumers to really connect, communicate, and educate.  Most importantly, Tea Course is educational and provides easy access to subject content, audio, videos, handouts and other tools needed for learning, personal enrichment, and business success.

When you know the big guys are spending thousands of dollars per year per employee to continually educate them, you can appreciate the quality and value offered by Tea Course.  Join Today.


Learn more about The Tea House Times at http://www.theteahousetimes.com or our Founder through our own featured Tea Industry Who's Who Directory.

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