Tea Industry Who's Who was established in 2010 by The Tea House Times, LLC.  To complement services already provided by The Tea House Times, it is fitting to include a Tea Industry Who's Who.  Our goal is to provide ongoing tea education, networking, and the tools needed to retain perspective in the tea industry.  Along your Global Tea JourneyTM we will introduce you to "Who's Who in the Tea Industry" right here at TeaIndustryWhosWho.com - this page is hosted by and accessible via TeaCourse.com - Adding another valuable resource to your one stop for education, research, and networking.

Bios of prominent and successful men and women in the tea industry will be linked in a list below as each listing becomes available.  This will be a work in progress to ensure accuracy, integrity, and quality. This directory is open to viewing by TeaCourse.com members and non-members. If you wish to become a member of Tea Course to take advantage of online education and networking with other tea professionals, please visit TeaCourse.com

INCLUSION in the Tea Industry Who's Who is limited to those with leadership and achievement in the industry.  If you would like to be considered for inclusion, you must be recommended by The Tea House Times or by someone already on the list. (See contact link at www.teacourse.com to recommend someone via email.)  

Bios may include: Photo, Video or Audio introduction, Name, Company/Organization, Job Title, Expertise, Contact details, Web Address, Products/Services, Education, Background, Achievements, Affiliations, Hobbies, Special Interests, # years in tea industry, and reason for becoming a part of the tea industry.

BENEFITS of inclusion in the Tea Industry Who's Who:  credibility, consulting opportunities, career development, create new relationships, recognition. Use of Tea Industry Who's Who logo on your website (link it to www.teaindustrywhoswho.com) Cost $0 - just link to us.

Benefits of using or referring to the Tea Industry Who's Who: Quite simply, learn Who's Who.  If you are new to the industry, put names to faces and their accomplishments.  Use it to make new contacts/networking. 



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