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Are you a tea industry professional looking for quality, reliable tea information? Do you want to educate your employees?  Do you want to educate customers?  Stay on top of trends? 

Or - do you have a personal passion for tea and want to learn more about it? 

Have you read about the health benefits of tea?  Have you ever experienced loose leaf teas or rare, hard to find teas?  Have you ever seen tea growing or in processing?  Have you experienced tea ceremonies or traditional afternoon tea services?  Do you stay on top of trends? Do you know how the market is doing right now? How weather conditions are affecting crops?  Are you looking to begin a tea business or want to learn more about tea to elevate your business and train employees?

Tea is more than a beverage; it is a meaningful experience steeped in centuries old traditions.  It is a luxury we can all afford and one we simply cannot live without from the soothing feeling we get upon drinking tea to the heart warming feelings we reap from one another’s company and sharing of traditions.

 Tea is an industry all its own - special in meaning - and offers a multitude of business opportunities - from growing and processing - to selling teas to supermarkets or specialty shops - to afternoon tea service in tea rooms or hotels or B&Bs - to speaking - to educating - to multi level marketing companies ~ make it your own but understand that you cannot become a tea expert overnight.  It takes years of tasting, training, knowledge, sharing, networking, and lifelong learning to call yourself an expert in tea.  Most experts come from families who have been in the tea industry for generations and have made it their lifelong journey.

 How can you educate, network, and benefit from your own lifelong quest for tea expertise?  JOIN TEA COURSE - your small monthly subscription price gives you access to our online education, seminar series, and networking at your leisure, anywhere, anytime for much less than you would pay for one class or a networking group elsewhere.  See Group Details for pricing.

Tea receives positive media for its health benefits yet sometimes people have comments about not enjoying certain types of tea.  Did you know white and green teas need a lower water temperature than black teas to properly infuse and release their wonderful flavors?  If your water is too hot, the delicate leaves will be ruined and you will not enjoy the taste.

The enjoyment of tea ~ the beverage ~ and the sharing of associated traditions will enhance your life in ways you never imagined, whether you are an individual with a passion for tea and its traditions; or a business owner, speaker, or trainer in the tea industry; a teacher or a student of any age.  You can enrich your life through tea - the beverage - and the traditions and lore surrounding tea.

 Tea Course is produced by The Tea House Times, LLC, and Tea Bureau - Both are valuable and trusted resources in the tea industry with connections to an impressive array of tea businesses, tea rooms, information, resources, and tea party fun for all ages.  Tea Course is online, continuing education when you need it.  Tea Bureau and Tea Speakers Bureau provide connections to wholesale and retail sources, tea industry speakers to hire for your own event; and The Tea House Times publication brings it all together in a beautiful bi-monthly publication. Links to all of our sites can be found above left.

 Join Tea Course Today so you can immediately access quality information from proven sources in the tea industry.  Here you will enjoy expert Tea Course materials and information about tea and various traditions surrounding tea.  Enjoy video presentations and seminars that will touch your life with the beauty of time honored traditions and facts about tea and its history.

Tea Course is a fee based membership site offering you high quality, consistently updated information to enrich your life or help you bring your tea business to the next level.  If you are tired of searching site after site to gather the information for a presentation, entertainment ideas for a tea party, or sources for further education, join Tea Course.  Quality information via internet is the wave of the future.  Tea Course offers value and dependability not found for free in cyberspace.

Tea Course is what YOU need it to be.  Online education when you need it - Learn the facts and basics about tea and tea traditions and more advanced Continuing Education for years to come.  Social Networking for Tea too! - Tea Course provides forums, member blogs and other unique ways for you to gain and share knowledge with others.  Join Tea Course today and experience the joy for yourself.

Lore by definition is an accumulation of facts, traditions, and beliefs; knowledge gained through tradition.  It also means instruction and lessons, belief, custom, history, legend, wisdom, tales, and traditions, data, facts and information.

Course by definition is a direction or route, a path, progression, procedure, conduct, behavior, a course of lectures, program, instruction, portion of a meal, navigation.  It can also mean bearing, career, direction, journey, progress, routine, career, class, conduct, manner, method, passage, path, plan, route, trend and way (i.e. the “way of tea”)

All these words have special meaning and connection to tea and its traditions.  Tea is much more than a cuppa, it is rich with history and tradition.  Find your way to tea through Tea Lore and Tea Courses……..Enjoy!



Tea Course is a fee based membership site providing education online, all day, everyday to everyone, everywhere with an internet connection.  Course Materials will Benefit . . .

Consumers: Learn about everything that you enjoy about tea and its traditions.  Share your passion for tea - interact with members.

Tea Speakers/Educators: Learn more, share more.  Information source and downloads for presentations, interaction with businesses and consumers.

Tea Businesses: Learn the basics and more advanced aspects of tea; learn more tea business specifics and marketing ideas; educate employees; learn more through continuing education.  Connect and interact with consumers and tea industry professionals - resources, education, networking.  Promote your business.

  • Generous Affiliate Program for Full Access Members.
  • View Presentations and Live Broadcasts for all.
  • Access Calendar system for in person events - industry events, consumer events, and speaker/member events.


Did you know most business owners spend thousands of dollars per year per employee on education? At Tea Course, you can educate yourself, employees, and customers for less than the price of your budget for one!  Tea Course provides continuing education to fuel your own tea passion and ignites the interest of employees and tea enthusiasts.  Join Today.




Tea Course is a fee based membership site (See Links above for Pricing and further details.).  Membership sites are the wave of the future and offer value and dependability not found for free in cyberspace. The value of a members only site is demonstrated through a higher commitment on behalf of members - with higher quality and greater participation in forums and blogs - resulting in better information shared and networking opportunities at your fingertips.  The content of the site will be of higher value than found elsewhere on the internet as well.  Member only sites are dedicated to providing the best information, resources, contacts and interaction with true professionals all in one place for time saving, easy access.  We are sure you will find value in Tea Course.



1.  Click on JOIN NOW at the top of the home page.


Every member must be pre-approved.  Click Join Now and answer all questions and requests for information and enter your payment preferences.  You will need to agree to all terms and conditions - please read them, then check agree to move forward with your application for membership. 

Once you have completed the questions and registered yourself with your name, email address, and a nickname, etc.  We will receive your information and approve your Tea Course site access - usually within one day.  Hang on to your nickname and password for sign in. (NOTE: Your nickname cannot be changed. Use the suggested nickname that comes up automatically, or make it something you use regularly.)

If you have any difficulties completing the payment process and preferences, please contact us admin@teacourse.com   Our payments and credit cards for Tea Course are processed through PayPal since the subscription aspect of the site and monthly payments will process smoothly through this application as will payouts for the affiliate program.  PayPal is safe and secure.  If you have questions about PayPal, please visit www.paypal.com


If Tea Course producers are not familiar with your business, you may be asked to provide 3 references before approval for Full Access.  Since Full Access members have greater access in the Tea Course communication systems and download rights for educational sharing, and participate in our affiliate program, this level of membership may take a few more days to approve than limited access.  Be prepared to provide references if asked.


Tea Course reserves the right to approve or decline membership to the site for any reason.  Tea Course may downgrade or cancel membership of any member who breaks the terms or conditions of the site as agreed upon through the joining process - without reimbursement.

tea course, tea training, tea network, networking, tea education, seminar
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