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TeaCourse.com offers two levels of membership.

*Full Access $39.99/mo or $399 per year

*Limited Access $19.99/mo or $199 per year

*Each membership level is charged a one-time $50 new member fee at time of registration. You will never pay this again if you keep your payments on time or renew before expiration. If your payment fails or you do not renew on time, you will pay the new member fee to re-join. The new member fee gains you access to more than 200 topics already available. Additional updates and new information is added to the site weekly.

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TeaCourse.com is considered Continuing Education as learning about tea and/or running a tea business is a lifelong journey. Tea is a personal and business passion for so many, and necessitates important and consistent updates and details for staying current. 

TeaCourse.com includes over 400 topics from basic tea information for enthusiasts to serious tea business and valuable resources for business owners. Weekly updates, market reports and data ensure continuing education for years to come. Most of our members have been with us since inception in 2008. We pride ourselves on reliable, trusted, continual education to ensure tea business success.


FULL ACCESS: For Tea Industry Professionals who are serious about continuing education. ~ Includes learning materials, documentation, market reports and data, webinars, videos, audios, presentations, eBooks, downloads (files, PowerPoints, handouts) and other tools for business success. Tea Course is an excellent way to educate your staff and use downloads to educate customers.

LIMITED ACCESS: Enthusiasts enjoy learning Tea 101 and beyond. You do not need to be in tea business to enjoy learning about tea.


Members are not certified, however, you will receive a yearly certificate to recognize your commitment to Continuing Education.



tea course price, cost
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