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Joshua Kaiser
Blog Entry

Joshua Kaiser - Tea Industry Who's Who Bio

Friday, May 7th 2010 @ 10:00 PM


Expert Tea Taster

Leader in Specialty Tea

Joshua Kaiser is considered one of the leading experts and tea tasters in the world. As Founder and CEO of Rishi Tea, one of the world’s leading organic and fair trade tea brands, Joshua spends about 9 months of the year in Asia working with farmers, buying, and studying teas.  Joshua is an established leader in the specialty tea market.

Rishi Tea was founded on the commitment to set the standard for quality and expand the awareness of tea and its rich, inspirational tradition. Rishi offers superb loose-leaf tea imported directly from tea gardens across Asia, made according to ancient artisanal practices using organic cultivation techniques and Fair Trade standards.

Rishi Tea began in 1997 when Joshua Kaiser, founder and tea buyer, recognized that the traditional handcrafted teas he grew so fond of during his travels in Asia were rarely available elsewhere. Joshua felt that North American consumers would embrace artisan tea as they did single origin coffee and fine varietal wine if they were given access to it at reasonable prices. He believed the same gourmet consumer who was willing to learn the difference between a Costa Rican coffee and an Indonesian coffee, as well as develop a refined palate for wine, was also ready to appreciate the natural complexity and flavors of premium tea.

Joshua enlisted a well-traveled and longtime friend Benjamin Harrison as partner. The two, along with help from friends, worked in a 400 square foot windowless space in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward district, hand-blending original botanicals blends and individually packaging premium teas imported from origins that Joshua frequented. The space was soon outgrown and Rishi Tea moved into the burgeoning Bay View neighborhood. While the production facilities expanded, Rishi Tea preserved its founding principles including unique hand-blending techniques, meticulous hand-packaging and strict quality control. Today, the Rishi team has grown into a passionate group of tea lovers who serve as guides for customers into the world of premium tea.

Traveling thousands of miles each year to maintain relationships with farmers and artisans, Rishi’s uniquely strong network in China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, India and many other tea origins provides exceptional loose-leaf teas with an unrivaled level of freshness, quality and connection to origin.

Rishi aspires to link the leaf at origin to its end result: a revitalizing cup of tea. Every tea has a unique flavor and style that reflects its origin, varietal, vintage and artisanal method of manufacture. Rishi’s connections to the origins of tea are integral to the sustainability of their quality.

As a winner of eleven First Place Awards for Best Tea at the 2009 World Tea Championship, Rishi is proud to share exceptional teas, fresh each season and direct from origin.


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