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Tea Industry Who's Who - Bio, photo, audio/video intro, contact information.

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Joseph Simrany
Blog Entry

Joseph Simrany - Tea Industry Who's Who Bio

Friday, May 28th 2010 @ 9:37 PM


2014 UPDATE: Joseph Simrany is retired from the Tea Assoc.


Former President, Tea Association of the USA

Mr. Simrany is president of the Tea Association of the USA, Inc., the Tea Council of the USA, Inc. and the Specialty Tea Institute (STI).  In this capacity, Mr. Simrany tracks trends, disseminates information, and represents the interests of the wholesale and retail tea industry on a broad spectrum of issues.  As president of the Council, he leads the industry's educational and public relations’ efforts relative to communicating the many attributes of tea to consumers.

Joe Simrany first came to the tea industry in February of 1991 after 25 years in the biscuit industry, most recently as vice president of marketing for Sunshine Biscuits, Inc.  At Sunshine, he was instrumental in evolving the company from a manufacturing driven strategy to a consumer driven strategy.  In addition to significantly strengthening the companies’ share and profit positions, he spearheaded the effort to expand and update the companies’ product lines.

Prior to his time at Sunshine, Mr. Simrany was a product group director at Nabisco Brands, Inc. where he was employed for nearly 20 years in a marketing and sales capacity.


Joe Simrany, President

Tea Association of the USA, Inc.

Tea Council of the USA, Inc.

Specialty Tea Institute (STI)


Highlights of Tea Career


  • Joined in February 1991 after 25 years of Marketing Cookies for Nabisco & Sunshine Biscuits (now acquired by Keebler Biscuits).  This represents the first time that the Board had hired a full time executive to run the Tea Association.  They previously employed an Executive Director of the Tea Council but not the Tea Association.
  • Took action early in 1991 and continuing to this day to associate tea consumption with a great many health benefits as a means of raising consumer awareness and revitalizing an otherwise dull performance in the USA
  • Gradually expanded the concept of marketing tea on the basis of health globally beginning with the Bermuda Accord in 1992 – an agreement between the Tea Council’s of the USA, UK, and Canada to cooperate on funding scientific research to uncover the various health benefits of consuming tea.  This accord took place during a special at the Annual Tea Association of the USA Convention held that year in Bermuda.
  • This accord grew much larger over the next few years as the concept was adopted and endorsed by the FAO and partially funded by the World Bank for Commodities.
  • Focused the Tea Council’s generic promotion program by switching from a “shotgun to a rifle” approach by consolidating separate efforts against the foodservice, consumer, and tea & health segments into a concerted effort on Tea & Health
  • Proposed to the Board of Directors in 1992 and again in 1995 to broaden the mission of the Tea Association by establishing a separate Association for Specialty Tea Retailers
  • Formed the Specialty Tea Registry in 1996 which merged with the American Premium Tea Institute in 2002 to form the Specialty Tea Institute.  An Association specifically created to support the development of the Specialty Tea Industry.
  • Merged the Tea Association of the USA with the Tea Council of the USA in 2002 to achieve a more equitable funding for both organizations
  • Introduced computer technology and a web presence for all three organizations (Association/Council/ and STI)
  • Successfully defended the Tea Industry against numerous attacks including terrorism, the “Great Bacteria Scare” of 1995 & 1996, government allegations of abuses of worker rights in 2002 and many other incidents that occur on a regular basis to this very day.
  • In cooperation with the UK and Canada, launched the Agricultural Plant Protection initiative into international forums to focus producing countries on the proper use of these substances
  • Working with several tea consumer countries to harmonize, to the extent possible, the types of plant protection substances used on tea 
  • Arranged a meeting of 12 of the worlds regulatory agencies at a meeting in Paris to seek their support for harmonization
  • Currently cooperating with our counterparts in Canada and Australia to adopt common MRL’s for specific substances
  • Part of a FAO Working Group trying to get the world’s regulatory authorities to change how they test for substances in tea from the leaf to the cup.
  • Supported the Nepalese concept of a Uniform Code of Conduct for the Tea Industry  and remain a staunch advocate for expansion of that concept globally
  • Oversee a generic tea publicity program that regularly generates in excess of 1 billion positive consumer impressions annually for tea
  • Launched a campaign 3 years ago which continues today designed to attract a younger audience to tea by inviting them to submit a YouTube video about the Health benefits of tea under the Calm-A-Sutra theme. 
  • We are seeking to raise awareness for our Tea Producing Members as well as our domestic members by allowing them to play a direct or indirect part in this contest.
  • Plans are underway to expand membership in the Tea Association of the USA by further broadening our mission.
  • Nominated to Chair the London Tea Trade Dinner in May 2010 and to deliver the keynote speech.  This was the first time in its 81 year history that a non-British Tea Trade Executive was so honored.
  • Was elected First Vice Chairperson of the 19th Session of the Intergovernmental Group on tea meeting in May of 2010 in New Delhi, India.  Assumed the role of Chairman for the majority of the meeting after the local government official opened the meeting.  The FAO is a committee of the United Nations dedicated to helping producing countries to prosper.  The meeting was attended by 96 delegates and 11 observers and FAO Secretariat personnel representing 20 countries.






Joseph Simrany, President


PHONE: 212-986-9415
FAX: 212-697-8658


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