How do I verify my email address in the confirmation email?
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Frequently asked Questions about Tea Course and Applications are posted here.  If you have a question about Tea Course not answered here, please contact us via email  We will do our best to create a category to fit all questions with appropriate answers.




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Q. How do I verify my email address in the confirmation email?

A. If you have added your name and email address in the box on our home page to receive email from us, you will initially receive an email to veryify that you indeed intended to do so. 

In the verification email, you will see a link. Click the link and it will take you to an email verification area where you will enter the verification text as shown.


If you cannot click the link or have a problem with the link - here is what to do:

Some email systems add extra characters to the end of a link making it inoperable.

You should:

1. click on the link

2.  go into the address bar and modify the link--

3. go all the way to the right end of the url and backspace to remove the last 4 digits.

4. hit return and it should work now.

Email if you have any problems with verification.

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